Learn Tagalog Level 2 (Intermediate)

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Learn a wealth of vocabulary, common expressions, sentence construction & applications, verbs, and more! (Run Time 90 mins w/ Bonus Features)

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2 reviews for Learn Tagalog Level 2 (Intermediate)

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael West

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (5 out of 5 stars), Michael West, Aug 2007

    The Intermediate DVD steps up the pace considerably, with a wealth of new vocabulary & grammar points introduced. The DVD begins with a prodigious presentation of vocabulary words, followed by a review and expansion of the Important Phrases introduced on the first DVD. There is a helpful introduction to sentence formation and “applications.” This is where these DVDs are so very effective. They may well present the same information available in other materials, but they present it in such a systematic and straightforward manner that really works!

    The section on Linkers and Markers was particularly helpful to me, since on previous forages into the lush and forbidding forest of Tagalog syntax, I found these grammatical abstrusities both formidable and . . . well, confounding.

    Our teacher does a wonderful job explaining just what these strange words are and how they function in the language. Also priceless are the possessive drills, teaching Akin, Iyo, Inyo, Kaniya, Kanila, Amin, etc. For example, you are probably wondering, just how do you say “is our house beautiful?” in Tagalog? The answer, “Maganda ba ang bahay namin” simply cannot be intuited (or understood) without the patient parsing of linkers, markers and possessives that is provided in DVD 2.

    As special treats and recess from your studies, the DVDs provide sensuous visual tours of the Philippines, along with valuable cultural tips and suggestions. This material is certainly available through other sources, but my investigations have yet to uncover a resource that provides such patient and effective training in such an accessible format – all with a pulchritudinous native Filipino holding your hand throughout and promising it will be all right. By the time the sedulous leaner pops in the Advanced DVD, he or she is well on their way to fluency in Tagalog.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    Richard Manning

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (5 of 5 stars), Richard Manning, Mar 23, 2013

    I recommend this to all who wants to learn Tagalog. It really teaches you the basics. This is a good DVD.

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