Marco Polo’s Shangri-La



Did Marco Polo really make it to China? Did he spend 17 years in the company of the Emperor Kublai Khan?

On his death bed he claimed, “I have only told you half of what I saw!” We believe him.

The famous Venetian explorer, raved about the exotic beauty of Yunnan, the magic land beyond the clouds. Poets praise Yunnan as “Shangri-La”, the imaginary, remote, idyllic hideaway where life approaches perfection. Even today, Yunnan remains an enigma to many. The cultural diversity of its minorities, which have survived untouched and unspoiled for thousands of years, is fascinating.

The Middle Kingdom was once the cradle of civilization. Now China is doing everything to preserve its epic culture. It remains to be seen if the remnants of China’s rich cultural heritage will survive the onslaught of the 21st Century.


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