Tagalog for Travelers

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Learn the basics of Tagalog-  greetings, simple words and phrases, situations often encountered by visitors, and more! (Run Time 60 minutes)

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3 reviews for Tagalog for Travelers

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Michael West

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (5 out of 5 stars), Michael West, Aug 2007

    This is an excellent resource to use independently or together with the preceding Discs. Unlike the 3-Part series, which carefully parses and explains many of the abstruse grammatical elements of Tagalog, the Travelers disc is more like a Video Phrase Book, with lists of helpful phrases & vocabulary, interspersed by interesting vignettes on the Philippines and her people. If you want to master a foreign language, you really can’t get too much reinforcement, so I recommend the Travelers DVD, if only as a gently-paced review of many of the syntactic & semantic elements introduced in the full course.

  2. Rated 3 out of 5

    Video Librarian

    GOOD (3 out of 4 stars), Video Librarian, Nov 2007

    A straightforward language primer aided at English speakers traveling to the Philippines (a 7,100-plus island nation), Tagalog for Travelers teaches helpful words and phrases for use in various everyday situations. Divided into subject sections (each beginning with cultural context insights- such as noting the importance Filipinos place on politeness), the program combines on-location footage, onscreen text, and voiceover narration (to demonstrate correct pronunciation) to help travelers with greetings, common questions (“What is your name?” “Where are you from?” “Do you speak English?), everyday expressions, and essential concepts (days, numbers, etc.). Other programs in the series include Learn Tagalog 1 Basic, Learn Tagalog 2 Intermediate, and Learn Tagalog 3 Advanced. Recommended.

  3. Rated 5 out of 5

    R. Turner

    HIGHLY RECOMMENDED (5 out of 5 stars), R. Turner, Jul 2008

    I like this DVD better than any other material I have, CDs, computer applications, and Learn Tagalog 3: Advanced. It is a great mixture of vocabulary and phrases. I prefer hearing and seeing the words together, as opposed to a book or a tape alone. Nice pace and scenes of the Philippines mixed in. Salamat!

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